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2018 Congress * May 7-12, 2018

Introduction document versions available here French, Hungarian, Russian

Monday Evening May 7th, 2018 until Friday Evening May 11th, 2018. Delegates to depart May 12th after breakfast.

Hungary (about 1 hour from Budapest). The hotel offers twin rooms and 3 meals per day. This is all included in your delegate fee.

Leaders or key persons from Christian children’s ministries, from every nation in Europe.

The congress will attract people from 45+ nations across Europe, and will help those who have national influence in their nation.

  • You will hear the best speakers and workshop facilitators in main meetings, workshops and specialist streams. For more on our speakers visit this page.
  • You will have a chance to meet and pray with others from your nation and to think about partnerships.
  • You will discover new resources.
  • There will be 10 specialist streams – these will include Training, Sports Ministry, Children and the Holy Spirit, Child Faith Formation and Family Ministry. For the full programme go here.
  • There will be 20 workshops. You will be able to attend up to 4. See the workshop list here.
  • There will be sponsorship funds available for delegates from Eastern and Southern Europe. There is more information here.

You can register using the form here

Together, we want to understand how we can:

  • REACH children in the European nations with the good news of Jesus,
  • RESCUE them from the destructive influences that often surround them,
  • ROOT them in the life of Jesus and the word of God and
  • RELEASE them to serve and reach the other children of Europe.

English will be the main language of the congress but translation will be available into Russian, French and Hungarian. If you already know you won’t be able to come, but would like to stay informed, please click here.

The Conference Team:
Anne-Christine Bataillard (Switzerland), Barbara Rüegger (Switzerland), Christa Baksteen (Netherlands), Dave Roberts (England),  Esther Bailey (Scotland), Fred Menigoz (France), Harry Bryans (Belgium), Karmi Buckley (Hungary), Katharina Kubli (Russia), Lise Daugaard  (Denmark), Lyudmila Bryn (Ukraine), Olga Zaitseva (Russia), Patrick Gasser (Switzerland), Razvan Duminica (Romenia), Rob Hondsmerk (Netherlands), Ursy Botting (Slovakia), Vitalik Skripnik (Ukraine).

Important Information

Catch a flavour of our previous event below.

Special Workshop Streams

The Special Workshop Streams will take place from Wednesday afternoon until midday on Thursday. You will be encouraged to eat with people from your stream and continue discussions that may have started in the sessions. Many of the streams will have keynote talks. These will be followed by discussion and reflection.

You will be able to choose one of the subjects below. There will be translation into French and/or Russian for these sessions. In October 2017 we will add special pages to the website with more information on each session.

Training Children’s Ministry Leaders
Our training will have several foundations. How does God view the Child? What does the teaching of Jesus on children have to say to us about our ministry to children? We also need to be aware of best practice in both ministry and training. How do we help children learn. How do we convey vision to our church leaders? Join us to discuss how we can equip others for as greater understanding of ministry to children.

Family the Forming Centre – A conversation about enabling the family for faith and dicipleship
How can the local congregation encourage and equip parents as they seek to nurture the faith of their children? How can our connection with families who do not attend our church gatherings help families discover wisdom, support and the story of Jesus? Join with others from across Europe to discover together strategies for nurturing faith.

Children at Risk
This stream is for you if you are working with any type of children at risk and would like to know more on how to:

  • share the Gospel with them, to minister with them,
  • to know how to improve your skills and knowledge in helping them and their families
  • to learn how you can cooperate with these children at risk in sharing the Gospel
  • to see a network of like minded people reaching out to children at risk throughout Europe.

The Faith of a Child – Spiritual Formation
How do children relate to God? How does a 12 year old understand things differently to a 4 year old? In what ways are the faith of a boy the same as a girl? In what ways are they different? What do the roles of the child in key biblical stories tell us about how faith grows in a child. These are wonderful questions. There will be many more in this thought provoking stream.

Church in the Community – Reaching the Children Who Do Not Attend Sunday Church
In many nations in Europe the local church has been vital to the growth of education, sport and the care of children in need. What principles will help us today to meet old and new challenges? What creative ideas are churches using to build bridges of friendship to children and their families? Could you have a city changing children’s ministry?

9-14 year Olds – Transitions for the Child
Our media saturated children often have the knowledge, attitudes and desires that we might have seen in young teenagers in a previous generation. They will also be discovering changes in their bodies and changes in the way they think and learn. How can we help them, in our churches, families, homes and clubs, make wise choices in the midst of all this change. Discover new insights to help you in your everyday ministry with children and young teenagers.

Gen Z – Ministry to a Digital Generation
Digital technology, such as the smartphone, has great potential but also carries great risk. What challenges face the child? How can families help children be wise about their use of technology? What are the potential positive uses of the technology? How can we equip the church for good conversations about this important area? Join us for some vital discussions?

The Bible & Children’s Ministry
How can we help the local and national church discover the biblical vision of the child in the Kingdom of God? What can encourage and stretch the thinking of the church? How can we influence Bible training colleges to explore the faith of the child and equip a new generation of leaders? Reflect with others on how you might have national impact in this important area of influence.

Children & the Holy Spirit
Children experience God at work in their lives in many different ways. The Bible suggests that children and young people such as Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, Timothy, Jeremiah, Josiah were used by God. How can we help children discover the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit today. How can we help them have a clear biblical understanding of why God gives us those gifts and the safeguards that God gives so that we exercise them wisely. Stretch your thinking on this important subject during this special stream

Sports Ministry
Sports ministry is an important part of the work of many churches in their communities. It helps create community, encourages teamwork and provides many with role models and mentors. It is also a place where biblical life application wisdom can be shared and discovered. What can we learn from each other about the impact of sport ministry. What role does it have in mission and discipleship?

Other Important Information

Staying in Contact

We would like to introduce you to some key ways of continuing to find information and inspiration about ministry to children.

1 Those of you who attended the event will receive a monthly newsletter with key items of information about future events and activities related to mission to children throughout Europe. (Each newsletter has an unsubscribe button so you can stop receiving those if you wish.)

2 We have an English language weekly newsletter, called Children Matter, about resources and information for all involved in children’s ministry. You can sign up for that here. It is free and we will never share your address with anyone else.

3 We know that for many Facebook is a great place to discover news and discuss with others. We have created a private group there that will include the news from both newsletters mentioned above and will give you an opportunity to discuss key subjects and share your own news or question. The membership of the group and the questions asked will not be visible to anyone other than other group members. If you use Facebook and would find this group helpful you can go there now and become a member You can invite others known to you to become members if you believe that they might find it helpful

Workshops and Seminars

The workshops below will all take place twice. One session will be translated from English into French, the other Russian. The second session will always be a repeat of the first. There will be 4 general workshop times in the time table so you will be able to attend up to 4 different workshops.

In October 2017 we will add a detailed page for all these workshops to our website and smartphone app.


• Reaching out to children and familes from other traditions or faiths
• Leading a child to Christ – key principles
• Digital trends among children and their impact on ministry
• Community Festivals – Blessing the children of your community


• Equipping your church to respond to and aid refugee children
• Talking to children, teens and parents about sexuality
• Burnout children – children, stress and the need for nurturing church communities

Best Practice

• Child Safety – Protecting our children from sexual, physical and emotional abuse
• Different Learning Styles – helping children discover truth in creative ways
• Strengths based leadership in children’s ministry

Encouraging Spiritual Growth

• Prayer and Children – helping children discover prayer
• Released to serve – engaging children in the life of the church community
• The Big Story – communicating the whole Bible to children
• Helping teens and children help each other to grow
• Small groups and child discipleship
• Involving children in ministry of compassion
• Intergenerational ministry – it takes a whole church to nurture a child
• Helping children engage with scripture – creative ideas

More workshops will be added. There may be some changes to the list above but these will be small.

Conference Sponsors

The following ministries, networks and individuals are supporting the Reaching Europe’s Children event in various ways through people, finance and programme input.

REC Sponsors – German. Kongress Sponsoren

Scripture Union

Scripture Union
We aim to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families and  to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer. Scripture Unionworks in more than 120 countries worldwide and about 30 countries in Europe.

Children Matter
Children Matter is a UK network of people involved in all aspects of ministry to children. Over 2000 people subscribe to its various email newsletters. It is involved in advocacy work with the UK church on behalf of ministry to children and its priority within our mission efforts.

Grain of Wheat

Grain of Wheat International
The mission of Grain of Wheat International (GWI)  is to support its local ministries in making a Christ-centered impact on children, with a special emphasis on those who are underprivileged and hurting. In cooperation with local churches, Grain of Wheat and its partners provide holistic care that enables the child to grow morally, socially and spiritually.

GWI is active in thirty countries over five world regions (Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East, Central and South-East Asia)

Youth With A Mission

Kings Kid’s International
We are an international movement, embracing a Kingdom lifestyle that is family-based and generationally linked.
Our purpose is to care for, reach, equip and mobilize children, youth and families into their destiny of knowing God, bringing Him joy, making Him and His kingdom known.

King’s Kids is present in several European countries, reaching out to children and families and helping them to discover the kingdom of God together through camps, outreaches, meetings in schools, reaching children and youth through weekly club meetings etc.

KOB (Organization of Free Evangelical Churches Children’s Work)
The ministry vision of KOB is to train children ministry workers and leaders by doing Conferences and courses. If we work together we can use the strength of each other and build a strong foundation for our children. KOB creates children’s materials as well. For the moment they only work in Denmark.

The Viva Network

The heart of Viva’s vision is to see children at risk kept safe and healthy, given opportunities to learn and empowered to play an active part in shaping their own futures.

Today they work in 14 different countries, supporting thousands of projects working with children at risk in 22 city-wide networks. Through their partnerships with these organisations, ranging from large international charities to tiny grassroots initiatives, we are currently working in the lives of 104,000 children across the globe.

Hope for Europe
Hope for Europe is a relational movement of networks, including the Children’s Ministry Network. Annual Round Tables bring network convenors and members together for 48 hour consultations, for decision-making and inspiration. Hope for Europe also promotes the cross-pollination of networks and the formation of platforms and partnerships at local, city and regional levels. www.hfe.org

European Evangelical Alliance
The European Evangelical Alliance brings together both the national Evangelical Alliances of Europe and a large number of pan-European mission agencies with the goal of helping one another to be contemporary Christian communities which both transform and redeem our wider communities. The EEA is active in areas where working together makes us stronger across the continent as a whole. www.europeanea.org


Who Are The Speakers at the Congress?

The final programme, with a complete speakers list will be available by November 2017.

The Speakers and facilitators who are already confirmed include:

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts: Children Matter, UK & France
Dave was a founder of Youth work magazine and one of the founders of the annual Children’s Ministry conference in Eastbourne. This event attracts delegates from throughout Europe as up 1500 people gather for teaching, worship and practical workshops. Dave is the webmaster for the Children Matter network, which has over 2000 members. He is the writer of God’s Plan for Children.



Anne-Christine Bataillard

Anne-Christine Bataillard: Grain of Wheat, Switzerland
Anne-Christine has been the Lausanne Catalyst for Children and Evangelism for the last 5 years. She is the former International President of the Grain of Wheat whose vision and ministry is to bring hope and transformation to children through Jesus Christ, it is active in about 30 countries on 4 continents, working with local people and through local churches. Anne-Christine is also on the leadership of the Global Children’s Forum (GCF was born in 2008) and the Reaching Europe’s Children Congress (RECC was initiated in 2013).  Anne-Christine lives in Lausanne, Switzerland and is married to her husband Raymond, they have two adult children, Marycil and Christophe.


Harry Bryans

Harry Bryans: Hope for Europe
Originally from N. Ireland (UK), Harry has served as a missionary in Belgium since 1983 and been involved in full-time children and youth work since 1990. He’s been happily married to Catherine for 29 years and they have 2 wonderful adult children. He’s passionate about seeing children and youth grow into confident and mature disciples of Christ using their unique God-given gifts and living out His purpose for their lives. He serves on several international partnership initiatives (Global Children’s Forum, 4/14 Window Movement, European Youth Ministry Network, Reaching Europe’s Children, EEA & Hope for Europe Children’s Ministry Network) and as associate for children and youth ministry with the European Evangelical Alliance.

He’s helped launch both Children’s and Youth Ministry networks in Europe and last year became a certified member of the John Maxwell Team (JMT) to better equip today’s and tomorrows leaders. He recently joined the JMT President’s Advisory Council, serves on the Youth Committee and contributes to the JMT Global Youth Initiative.

Katharina Kubli

Katharina Kubli:
Katharina Kubli studied applied geodesy in Moscow University of Geodesy, Aerial photo survey and Cartography. In 1993, after visit of Billy Graham to Russia she accepted Jesus as the Lord and a personal Savior. In 1997 she started to serve Lord in a Christian organization working with children- Grain of Wheat Russia and from 2000 up to 2005 she worked there as an executive director. In 2007 she moved to Zürich, Switzerland to be united with her family. There she graduated from KV Business School Zürich and worked as an accountant. After an invitation of GOWI to join the team as an accountant, 11/2012 she started to work in GOWI and moved to Lausanne. She is married, has one adult daughter.


Ursy Botting

Ursy Botting: Viva Network, Slovakia
Ursy Botting is the co-ordinator of Viva Network Slovakia, a NGO that networks Christians and Christian projects working with children at risk. Trained as a banker Ursy worked for many years with children and youth in Switzerland where she grew up.




Lise Daugaard

Lise Daugaard: Apostolic Church of Denmark
For the last 21 years Lise has been the Children Ministry Adviser for the Apostolic Church in Denmark, giving inspiration to children’s ministry workers in local churches. She also works for an organization called KOB (Organization of Free Evangelical Churches Children’s Work) with a specific responsibility for Children’s Ministry Conferences and teaching programs.




Rob Hondsmerk

Rob Hondsmerk: Grain of Wheat
Rob studied child-and family psychology. Since 2000 he is a licensed healthcare psychologist. He is married and has 4 children. His first position as CEO was with “Chris”, a non-profit organization for help for children and youth in The Netherlands, Belgium, The Dutch Antilles, Germany and in Surinam. Rob wrote several books e.g. one on prevention of sexual child abuse and one on bullying and is an international speaker and trainer. Until 2007 Rob was also CEO for Focus on the Family Netherlands. In 2007 he became CEO of an evangelical drug rehab center. In October 2017 he will start/started in his new position as CEO for Grain of Wheat International.


Barbara Ruegger

Barbara Ruegger: Kings Kids International (KKI) & YWAM Switzerland
Barbara Ruegger from Switzerland has been working with children and youth for over 25 years. She is working with YWAM/King’s Kids as part of the international leadership team, as well as networking with many other groups and organizations such as ‘World without Orphans’ (WWO) and the Lausanne Group for Children at Risk. Barbara loves to lead children and families into prayer and has been involved in writing the ’30 Day Ramadan Prayer Booklet for children and families’ to encourage prayer for the Muslim world. She has an MA in Holistic Child Development and is busy training people all over the world who work with vulnerable and traumatized children.


Lyudmila Bryn

Lyudmila Bryn, Children Mission International
Trained as a teacher of English and German, she became a Christian in her students’ years. Received her training at Petra College for Children’s Ministry in 1999 (www.petra.co.za). Lyudmila is for 18 years full-time involved in training adults for effective ministry with children. She is leading Children Mission International – interdenominational ministry equipping Christians in the former Soviet Union countries – Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia (www.childrenmission.net). Since 2015 she serves as a 4-14 Window Movement Coordinator for Eastern Europe.



Olga Zaitseva was raised in an atheist home in the Soviet Union. She accepted Christ at the age of 17. In 2003, after graduating from Capital Bible Seminary in the U.S. she joined Bible Centered Ministries International (www.bcmintl.org) where she currently serves as International Coordinator for Teacher Training Ministries. She has conducted In Step with the Master Teacher (www.instepmasterteacher.com) teacher training workshops in 12 countries on 4 continents. She also teaches children’s ministry courses at Kuban’ Evangelical Christian University  (www.kecu.ru) in Krasnodar, Russia, where she now lives.



Patrick Gasser, 50 years old, is working for Grain de Blé Suisse for last 3 years. He worked for 25 years for a multinational company as Supply Chain Manager before responding to the call for ministry. He is married to Monique and they have 4 children and are 3 times grand parents.





Other Important Information

Conference Programme

The final programme, with a complete speakers list will be available by November the 1st 2012.  85 -100% of the draft programme found below will however be part of the actual event next March. Please note that we are also planning a Barcelona tour on the Friday morning for those flying out later that day or over the weekend. This is an optional tour and will be paid for separately.

The programme seeks to create a careful balance between informed thought provoking teaching and description and significant delegate participation in discussion and sharing around the themes being explored.


19.30 – 21.30pm

Welcome Gathering


Session 1:  9.30 – 11.00 – Establishing the Foundations

The Battle for the Mind of Children – Rescuing a Generation

Biblical Teaching:  The gospel vs Xbox and Facebook

Worship and Prayer

Mission to this generation : How can we respond to their spiritual need

Session 2 – What might this mean in my context

11.30 – 12.45  Language groups in response to session 1


Afternoon workshops

14.30 – 16.00

16.30 – 18.00

Each workshop to be repeated in the second session and with a different second language translation

  1. The identity of Europe’s children
  2. Generation Z: the analogue church vs digital children
  3. Children and music: a way of life
  4. Children in addiction
  5. Abused children
  6. Child pornography and pedophilia
  7. Children and divorce
  8. Foundations for training – equipping new leaders



Jesus and The Child – The values that guide us as we reach out to children

Session 1

9.30 – 11.00

Jesus Radical Message About Children

Also worship, prayer and other programme items

Mission to Children in Europe – A Vision for the Future

Session 2 – What might this mean in my context

11.30 – 12.45pm

Language group work in response to the 1st session.

Afternoon Workshops

14.30 – 16.00 and 16.30 – 18.00

Sessions to be repeated with different translations

  1. The Child Faith Journey – A Mission Foundation
  2.  Sharing Jesus with children of another faith
  3.  Reaching families, not just children
  4. The church and the children of their communities – building long term friendship
  5. Peer group evangelism – equipping children to share Jesus
  6. Religion, Education and Spirituality in Schools
  7.  Within the law? Faith, children and the state
  8.  The ethics of child evangelism – finding our boundaries

Evening Event – International Festival


Session 1 – Establishing The Foundations

The Spiritual Growth of Children – Rooting a Generation in the Story of Salvation

9.30 – 11.00

Biblical Session:   The Child in Salvation History – the Spirituality of the Biblical Child

Worship and prayer

Missional Session : Children in Ministry – Why we must involve children


Session 2 – What Might This Mean In My Context

11.30 – 12.45pm

Discussion in your language group work as a response to the 1st session.

Afternoon Workshops

14.30 – 16.00 – 8 sessions

6.30 – 18.00 Repeat of above

All sessions to be in English and one other language. Session repeats to have different translation

1 Child Spirituality: What do we really believe
2 Service in the work of the church: models for children
3 The mission DNA of the local congregation:  putting children in the midst
4 Peer Group Discipleship: models of ministry where children equip each other
5 Involving Children in Fulfilling the Great Commission (Giving, praying and going)
6 Children In Worship: What they learn as they worship
7 Creating a children & mission conference for your nation
8 Understanding Child Protection – Best Practices

Evening Session

A New Purpose in Children’s Ministry: Prayer, Worship and a call to local action

How to Register for the 2018 Budapest Congress

If you are registering before the 1st of February 2018 there is an option to pay a deposit of €50 to secure your place. You must make your balance payment before the 15th of February 2018. All bookings after 1st of February 2018 will need to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Prices before February 1st 2018

€ 350 – Delegates from Western Europe, Northern Europe
€ 275 – Delegates from Eastern and Southern Europe

After February 1 2018 add an additional €50

Booking Conditions and Cancellation Charges
All delegates must pay the deposit. Scholarships may available to Eastern and Southern European delegates who have registered and paid a deposit. Delegates cancelling before 1st February can apply for a full refund of amounts paid. Cancellation after 1st of February will be of monies paid minus €50.

If there are problems with the form below or you have questions about the event please e mail us at questions@reachingeuropeschildren.com


Other Important Information