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The following ministries, networks and individuals are supporting the Reaching Europe’s Children event in various ways through people, finance and programme input.

REC Sponsors – German. Kongress Sponsoren

Scripture Union

Scripture Union
We aim to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families and  to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer. Scripture Unionworks in more than 120 countries worldwide and about 30 countries in Europe.

Children Matter
Children Matter is a UK network of people involved in all aspects of ministry to children. Over 2000 people subscribe to its various email newsletters. It is involved in advocacy work with the UK church on behalf of ministry to children and its priority within our mission efforts.

Grain of Wheat

Grain of Wheat International
The mission of Grain of Wheat International (GWI)  is to support its local ministries in making a Christ-centered impact on children, with a special emphasis on those who are underprivileged and hurting. In cooperation with local churches, Grain of Wheat and its partners provide holistic care that enables the child to grow morally, socially and spiritually.

GWI is active in thirty countries over five world regions (Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East, Central and South-East Asia)

Youth With A Mission

Kings Kid’s International
We are an international movement, embracing a Kingdom lifestyle that is family-based and generationally linked.
Our purpose is to care for, reach, equip and mobilize children, youth and families into their destiny of knowing God, bringing Him joy, making Him and His kingdom known.

King’s Kids is present in several European countries, reaching out to children and families and helping them to discover the kingdom of God together through camps, outreaches, meetings in schools, reaching children and youth through weekly club meetings etc.

KOB (Organization of Free Evangelical Churches Children’s Work)
The ministry vision of KOB is to train children ministry workers and leaders by doing Conferences and courses. If we work together we can use the strength of each other and build a strong foundation for our children. KOB creates children’s materials as well. For the moment they only work in Denmark.

The Viva Network

The heart of Viva’s vision is to see children at risk kept safe and healthy, given opportunities to learn and empowered to play an active part in shaping their own futures.

Today they work in 14 different countries, supporting thousands of projects working with children at risk in 22 city-wide networks. Through their partnerships with these organisations, ranging from large international charities to tiny grassroots initiatives, we are currently working in the lives of 104,000 children across the globe.

Hope for Europe
Hope for Europe is a relational movement of networks, including the Children’s Ministry Network. Annual Round Tables bring network convenors and members together for 48 hour consultations, for decision-making and inspiration. Hope for Europe also promotes the cross-pollination of networks and the formation of platforms and partnerships at local, city and regional levels.

European Evangelical Alliance
The European Evangelical Alliance brings together both the national Evangelical Alliances of Europe and a large number of pan-European mission agencies with the goal of helping one another to be contemporary Christian communities which both transform and redeem our wider communities. The EEA is active in areas where working together makes us stronger across the continent as a whole.