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Delegates from 45 nations in Europe will be raising money to help pay for transport, accommodation and their registration fee for the May 2018 event. People attending from Eastern and Southern European nations may be able to take advantage of the sponsorship funds that we have available toward the event fee and accommodation. We anticipate however that everyone will be trying to raise at least €250-300 as part of their commitment to being there. Here are some ideas about how you might do that:

  • Create a small leaflet about the trip and give it to friends or church congregations where you minister. Many small donations could soon help you reach your target.
  • What about the local church where you belong – they will benefit for many years from the teaching at the conference. Get them to invest in you so that you can invest in them.
  • Are you working for a Christian agency that is focused on children’s ministry? The congress is a unique opportunity to expend your thinking, deepen your knowledge and fellowship with likeminded people. Does your agency have funds to help you be trained and equipped – will they support you in this project?
  • Do you have partner churches in other nations who are helping support your ministry – would they consider donating to your growth and development.
  • Is there a small purchase that you often make – a cup of coffee, a tasty treat? Could you fast from that one day a week and put the money in a savings box for your trip?

We are sure you will all have other ideas that can be added to those above. If you have another idea, please feel free to share it with others on our Facebook page.

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