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The Special Workshop Streams will take place from Wednesday afternoon until midday on Thursday. You will be encouraged to eat with people from your stream and continue discussions that may have started in the sessions. Many of the streams will have keynote talks. These will be followed by discussion and reflection.

You will be able to choose one of the subjects below. There will be translation into French and/or Russian for these sessions. In October 2017 we will add special pages to the website with more information on each session.

Training Children’s Ministry Leaders
Our training will have several foundations. How does God view the Child? What does the teaching of Jesus on children have to say to us about our ministry to children? We also need to be aware of best practice in both ministry and training. How do we help children learn. How do we convey vision to our church leaders? Join us to discuss how we can equip others for as greater understanding of ministry to children.

Family the Forming Centre – A conversation about enabling the family for faith and dicipleship
How can the local congregation encourage and equip parents as they seek to nurture the faith of their children? How can our connection with families who do not attend our church gatherings help families discover wisdom, support and the story of Jesus? Join with others from across Europe to discover together strategies for nurturing faith.

Children at Risk
This stream is for you if you are working with any type of children at risk and would like to know more on how to:

  • share the Gospel with them, to minister with them,
  • to know how to improve your skills and knowledge in helping them and their families
  • to learn how you can cooperate with these children at risk in sharing the Gospel
  • to see a network of like minded people reaching out to children at risk throughout Europe.

The Faith of a Child – Spiritual Formation
How do children relate to God? How does a 12 year old understand things differently to a 4 year old? In what ways are the faith of a boy the same as a girl? In what ways are they different? What do the roles of the child in key biblical stories tell us about how faith grows in a child. These are wonderful questions. There will be many more in this thought provoking stream.

Church in the Community – Reaching the Children Who Do Not Attend Sunday Church
In many nations in Europe the local church has been vital to the growth of education, sport and the care of children in need. What principles will help us today to meet old and new challenges? What creative ideas are churches using to build bridges of friendship to children and their families? Could you have a city changing children’s ministry?

9-14 year Olds – Transitions for the Child
Our media saturated children often have the knowledge, attitudes and desires that we might have seen in young teenagers in a previous generation. They will also be discovering changes in their bodies and changes in the way they think and learn. How can we help them, in our churches, families, homes and clubs, make wise choices in the midst of all this change. Discover new insights to help you in your everyday ministry with children and young teenagers.

Gen Z – Ministry to a Digital Generation
Digital technology, such as the smartphone, has great potential but also carries great risk. What challenges face the child? How can families help children be wise about their use of technology? What are the potential positive uses of the technology? How can we equip the church for good conversations about this important area? Join us for some vital discussions?

The Bible & Children’s Ministry
How can we help the local and national church discover the biblical vision of the child in the Kingdom of God? What can encourage and stretch the thinking of the church? How can we influence Bible training colleges to explore the faith of the child and equip a new generation of leaders? Reflect with others on how you might have national impact in this important area of influence.

Children & the Holy Spirit
Children experience God at work in their lives in many different ways. The Bible suggests that children and young people such as Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, Timothy, Jeremiah, Josiah were used by God. How can we help children discover the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit today. How can we help them have a clear biblical understanding of why God gives us those gifts and the safeguards that God gives so that we exercise them wisely. Stretch your thinking on this important subject during this special stream

Sports Ministry
Sports ministry is an important part of the work of many churches in their communities. It helps create community, encourages teamwork and provides many with role models and mentors. It is also a place where biblical life application wisdom can be shared and discovered. What can we learn from each other about the impact of sport ministry. What role does it have in mission and discipleship?

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