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The workshops below will all take place twice. One session will be translated from English into French, the other Russian. The second session will always be a repeat of the first. There will be 4 general workshop times in the time table so you will be able to attend up to 4 different workshops.


• Reaching out to children and familes from other traditions or faiths
• Leading a child to Christ – key principles
• Digital trends among children and their impact on ministry
• Community Festivals – Blessing the children of your community


• Equipping your church to respond to and aid refugee children
• Talking to children, teens and parents about sexuality
• Burnout children – children, stress and the need for nurturing church communities

Best Practice

• Child Safety – Protecting our children from sexual, physical and emotional abuse
• Different Learning Styles – helping children discover truth in creative ways
• Strengths based leadership in children’s ministry

Encouraging Spiritual Growth

• Prayer and Children – helping children discover prayer
• Released to serve – engaging children in the life of the church community
• The Big Story – communicating the whole Bible to children
• Helping teens and children help each other to grow
• Small groups and child discipleship
• Involving children in ministry of compassion
• Intergenerational ministry – it takes a whole church to nurture a child
• Helping children engage with scripture – creative ideas

More workshops will be added. There may be some changes to the list above but these will be small.